Seasonal Online Programmes

Accessible, effective and fun!

Are you keen to make some changes but can't commit to a 1-2-1 programme?

Are you fed up with eating the same ol', same ol' food?

Do you start with good intentions but end up never quite reaching your goals?

May be you like the buzz of others to keen you motivated and encouraged?


Then my Seasonal Online Programmes are a perfect match for you!!


I understand what it's like to want to make a change in your well-being but really struggling to find the time, energy and dosh to make that happen! As I'm utterly committed to getting the healthful living message out there, I also offer regular seasonal online group programmes in addition to my individual bespoke consultations.


These are accessed via a private Facebook group with all menu plans included and offer a simple, fun way to kick start diet and lifestyle changes with the support of others.

"In February last year I joined Pam’s online course. My motivation was to learn more about nutrition and to improve my diet.I (naively!) thought I knew a reasonable amount about nutrition, but Pam’s interactive course brought me a wealth of new knowledge and great ideas on how to make achievable changes.Pam’s knowledge and enthusiasm is outstanding. She magically draws you in with kindness and gently opens your eyes.It was never my aim to lose weight, but as a result of making wiser food choices I have lost a stone in weight. I feel better inside and out.I’d 100% recommend Nurture Nutrition"                                                                     Helen, Worcs

My next online programme is Summer Recharge: 21 days to super-charge your health" kicks off on Wednesday 1st July  2020.


This programme is designed to support optimum health and energy whilst we navigate our way through COVID-19.

Taking care of how we eat, move, manage our sleep and stress can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Making us more able to care for ourselves and others.

We may find ourselves having to cook round home-schooling our children, working from home, pulling extra shifts in our Key-Worker roles whilst supporting vulnerable neighbours and friends - as your local Nutritional Therapist I'd really love to offer you some support with that.


The recipes are easy to follow, have ingredients that can be swapped out and altered according to what is available on your local shelves. The programme will also cover healthful tips on optimising sleep, movement and mindset.


To spread the love and the healthful-info I am offering a "Pay it forward" offer - for every programme purchased you may pass a free programme onto a friend, family member or member of front-line staff supporting C-19 efforts - an opportunity for us all to come together in health.

This is a super accessible, online plan: we use a private, supportive Facebook Group - so it's perfect for the busy plate spinners among us. Meals can be adapted for one or feed a hungry family! There will be daily posts, videos and bite sized chunks of info to digest in your own time, at your own pace - wherever you are!


Here's what's included:

  • Seasonal, tried and tested delicious and nutritious recipe pack 

  • Super handy shopping list so you can tick and go

  • Professional Nutrition guidance, tips, posts and support - accessible anytime, anywhere!

  • Weekly FB Live Q and A to answer any queries as they arise 

  • Daily support & gentle kindness from our group community 

  • Opportunity to access our Health and Energy questionnaire and measuring guide at the beginning and the end of the 21 days

  • Optional 30 minute health coaching call with Pam on programme completion


£39.99 booking via Eventbrite

Check out my Nurture Nutrition Facebook Page to keep up to date on future events!

"It’s informative, it’s simple, it’s energetic and it’s a trusty friend on a lonely journey to self care" Magda, Worcs

Looking forward to creating a fab-You-Lous Feb together!

Green Goodness

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” 

Thomas Edison