Green Goodness

"Just listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis."

William Osler

What is Nutritional Therapy?

For me, Nutritional Therapy (NT) is the perfect balance of evidence-based science and person-centred care. With its thorough and holistic assessment, NT attempts to truly understand the root cause of presenting issues; which may not seem obvious at the onset. Using an evidence based, Functional Medicine approach we become health detectives on your behalf; decoding the messages your body is communicating.

For example, a long history of migraines may be rooted in gut-health issues, fatigue and insomnia in hormonal imbalance and skin disorders in previously undiagnosed digestive infections. For some it may be a case for a few small changes to yield results, for others it may be like peeling bag the layers of an onion; with each case as individual as the next. I’m forever asking “But, why?” and it feels like I’ve found my niche in NT; as in this ever-changing field a questioning mind is an essential requirement.

Diet and lifestyle changes can be challenging and understanding the nuances for each person is one of the great joys of this role, that and seeing well-being flourish as habits change, not for a few days but for a lifetime.