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Nurture in November

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I'm collaborating with Holistic Therapist & Emotional Technique Practitioner Emily Papernik to guide you through 30 days of nourishing foods, self care, and meditation whilst accessing the powerful medium of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

This 30 day innovative, interactive online programme is designed for you !

Yes - you! Hello you- busy-bee -no-time-for-me, plate spinning mamma

  • Maybe you're trying to balance family and working life?

  • Are you squeezing dinner around those numerous after school clubs?

  • Perhaps you're caring for older parents whilst trying to carve out some time for you?

  • Fed up feeling tired, wired and unhappy with how you feel in your own skin?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to make good food choices but don't know where, or how to start?

  • You fall into bed at night mumbling your to-do list, with promises of "The diet starts tomorrow!"

  • You haven't PROPERLY looked at your own reflection in a good, long while?

  • It's all too easy to over or under eat depending on your mood?

  • We do well for a while but then we hit that "self-sabotage" button yet again?

  • We find ourselves tuning into that negative self-talk?

Exhausted, frustrated, foggy headed,unhappy with our weight, low mood and a love/ hate relationship with food............But no more!

Join us for 30 days to re-calibrate reclaim and revive!

Included in this exciting programme are:

  • Delicious, healthful, nutrient dense recipes - family friendly!

  • Super simple downloadable shopping list and top tips to get you started

  • Professional Nutritional support via daily posts and weekly videos

  • Weekly Meditations - perfect for the novice or to deepen practice

  • A step by step introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique - or "Tapping" A powerful tool to support the negative cycle of emotions around our health and well-being.

  • A warm and welcoming community of support to access anytime, anywhere

Join us for Nurture in November: Nourish from the inside out!


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