• Pam Clark

Nutritional support to keep Worcestershire families healthy during the COVID-19 crisis

Nurture Nutrition is offering a novel online programme to help keep Worcestershire families healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our aim is to help take care of how we eat, move, manage our sleep and stress during COVID-19 as all of these factors can all have a significant impact on our health and well-being.

I recognise that we may all find ourselves having to cook around home-schooling our children, working from home, pulling extra shifts in our Key Worker roles whilst supporting vulnerable neighbours and friends.

As a busy working Mum of two, I would really love to offer some support.

The recipes provided are easy to follow and have ingredients that can be altered according to budget and stock availability. The programme which is targeted on supporting our immune system, will also cover healthful tips on optimising sleep, movement and mindset - all essential at this challenging time.

I'm offering live support via a private Facebook group with all menu plans included, videos, posts and real time support to support diet and lifestyle changes.

To help keep families healthy, I'm offering a significantly reduced rate and a "Pay it forward" offer - for every programme purchased you may pass a free programme onto a friend, family member or member of front-line staff supporting C-19 efforts - an opportunity for us all to come together in health.

Go to: or for more information call me on: 07916 688281.


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