• Pam Clark

Drink more!

I bet these are words you didn't expect to hear a Nutritional Therapist utter.

Hurray! I hear you cry, best news ever!

Ahh- but before we get stuck into the bubbly perhaps we should start with the elixir of life -water.

Most of us don’t drink enough of the clear stuff leaving us dehydrated with side effects such as headaches, brain fog, lack of energy and lethargy, weight gain, and reduced detoxification, all of which can have an effect on our immune response making us more susceptible to colds and flu.

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and as it can be accompanied with a dip in energies where we find ourselves reaching for snacks and sugary treats in a well-intentioned attempt for that mid afternoon lift.

So, before you reach for the hobnobs, first pour yourself some water. On average aiming for 2-2.5L water a day is a good starting place, building slowly if hydration is low. I often recommend clients buy themselves a non-plastic water bottle that follows them wherever they go, topping up throughout the day.

Adding citrus fruit, herbs, berries or cucumber helps keep it interesting.

Swapping out fizzy pop and caffeinated drinks for herbal or fruit teas will also boost your hydration. The added sugar in the former and caffeine in the latter drives our thirst, has an impact on blood sugar regulation, weight gain, brain function and can cause energy dips throughout the day. Again, I find slow and steady is the way to go, dropping by one drink a day and trying different flavours and brand until you find one you like.

As a diuretic nettle or dandelion tea may support detoxification and weight loss, Rooibos or African red bush tea, can help healthful aging and balance your stress hormone cortisol, whilst liquorice offers supports to a damaged gut lining whilst old faithful peppermint may calm IBS symptoms.

My personal favourite is green tea, rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols, helpful for brain health and weight loss and brewed to perfection in under 3 mins to avoid any bitterness.

Experiment, explore - and chart how much you are actually consuming - most of my clients are amazed both at how little they are drinking and how much of an impact it can have on their energy, skin and gut.

What's to lose? Down the hatch!

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