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The humble smoothie

This month I thought I’d share a really simple way to mix up your diet and boost those much needed nutrients: The humble smoothie.

The ideal smoothie has a blend of protein, healthy fat, some veg, a small amount of fruit and added fibre. Many people fall foul of a fruit-heavy smoothie; which leaves them feeling hungry and cranky an hour or so later when the fruit has peaked our blood sugar and the absence of dietary protein or fat leaves our bellies rumbling.

How to make a healthful, delicious smoothie.

1. Choose your liquid base. Adapt the amount of liquid to the consistency you require.

· Water (ideally filtered)

· Plant based unsweetened milk (Almond, coconut, hazelnut, cashew)

· Yoghurt; Natural, coconut or soya

· A chilled herbal tea

· A water based vegetable such as cucumber (1/4-1/2 per smoothie) or Celery (1/2-2 stalks)

2. Add some veg. To avoid an overly sweet smoothie make sure you add in a good dose of veg.

· Go green; spinach, kale, watercress, rocket all work well – mix it up to avoid over reliance on 1 veg

· Courgette (pre sliced and frozen is fine) or avocado can be a delicious creamy addition and you will not be aware of the taste

3. Add some sweetness with a small amount of fruit

· Brightly coloured berries

· Apples and pears or pineapple all offer some digestive support

4. Add some additional natural boosts such as fresh ginger, herbs, seeds (chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, ground flaxseed), powder (maca, spirulina, matcha, lacuma cocoa,) all add a further boost of antioxidants and distinct taste.

Here’s one of my top smoothie bowls; blend well and eat with a spoon!

· 100ml Coconut/ almond milk

· 0.5 avocado

· 1 small banana

· Handful berries – frozen cherries or raspberries work well

· 1teaspoon Chia, ground flaxseed or pumpkin seed

· 0.5-1 Tbs cocoa or lacuma powder

The key is to experiment, keep it varied and enjoy the process – a bit like life itself!

A well made smoothie can be a wonderful addition to your diet - quick and easy, tasty and nutritious and it is one of the many ways we can add depth and interest to our diet. This is just one of the many ways Pam supports her clients understand the impact their diet can have on their life and well-being.

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