Nutritional Therapy Consultations



So, how does Nutritional Therapy work in simple terms?

We meet (in person or electronically) – we talk – we make a plan- we make progress.

Initial no-cost consultation (up to 30mins): A chance to meet in person or speak on the phone to discuss your health needs informally. This is a good starting place for anyone wishing to explore their health.

Eating well is not just about the food we eat, it's also about changing behaviours; and that takes time. I like to fully assess my clients needs, truly understand their focus and customise their program accordingly.  It's for this reason I offer  12 week programs as I've found one-off consultations simply do not offer the same long term, lasting results; 

"I came to Pam after being diagnosed with a large fibroid and facing a hysterectomy to remove it.  I had researched diet/ supplements as a means of shrinking the fibroid online; but I was overwhelmed by the differing advice.  At my first meeting with Pam she said that we would look at what could be added into my diet to help me rather than focus on what was being altered.  This was so powerful and it helped me to adjust my thinking.  Pam has undertaken research on my behalf and I have had a varied program of supplements and a change in diet that has not only helped to keep me positive and focused but to also shrink the fibroid (In conjunction with some medication) by 80% which meant that an alternative procedure was available and I did not need a hysterectomy. 

I have been overjoyed by this and have found myself looking forward to my meetings with Pam as she knows just how to keep you motivated, inspired and feeling so positive.  I have developed a new approach to food that I am sticking to and enjoy so much.  Thank you Pam" Suzanne, Worcs; Client completing my Premium Plus Program.


I offer a choice of 3 programs, dependent on the level of support required. This can be contact weekly, fortnightly or every 3 weeks; prices start from £385.

Programmes  are designed around the individual but typically include the following:

  • A full in-depth health assessment to get to the grips with the root of your symptoms; this includes dietary assessment, medical and family history, sleep, stress and much more.

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle program based entirely on your goals 

  • Practical, adaptable recipes and resources

  • Knowledge of which foods to eat and, if indicated, which to avoid - and why!

  • Health coaching to help you fully understand your health needs, navigate the program, identify and overcome potential challenges

  • If indicated I may also recommend some additional supplements and/or functional diagnostic testing  to investigate potential imbalances

  • Support in person, via email, text or messenger according to your needs and program

  • The program is built around you - working around your daily routine, lifestyle, food preferences


Consultations can be in person or via Skype or Zoom, prices vary according to our time spent together:

Nurture Nutrition Elite: Initial assessment and contact on a weekly basis in person or via agreed medium; with opportunity to contact in interim.

Personalised meal planning and tracking, specific shopping advice.

Ideal for clients who have significant ill health, weight concerns and those wishing swift progress.

10 week Program; weekly contact

Nurture Nutrition Premium Plus: Initial assessment and fortnightly contact in person or agreed medium.

Ideal for steady but considered progress on a specific health or weight issue. This can also be a useful program for those with a busy lifestyle wishing to start and maintain healthful life choices. 

12 week Program; fortnightly contact

Nurture Nutrition Premium: Initial assessment and contact every 3 weeks in person or agreed medium.

Ideal for motivated personnel with good core skills, energy and understanding

12 week Program; 3 weekly contact


As well as my individual programs I also offer seasonal online group programs starting from £39.99. These are run via  A private Facebook group with all menu plans included and offer a simple, fun way to kick start diet and lifestyle changes. Check out my Nurture Nutrition Facebook Page for more details.


"It’s informative, it’s simple, it’s energetic and it’s a trusty friend on a lonely journey to self care" Magda, Worcs

Further support with home visits, shopping and cooking tutorials can also be a useful adjuvant to health and lifestyle change.

Nutritional Therapy need not exclude or replace any on-going therapies or intervention and clients are advised to liaise directly with their Gp or medical team regarding any changes to medication.


Nutritional Therapist are cannot diagnose or treat specific conditions but interventions may support a number of acute or chronic health issues.

COVID-19 update

I remain committed to the health of my clients and continue to support current and

new clients via video conferencing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can support in anyway

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